For us weekend warriors, making time to play the game we love is a precious use of time. So playing our best and avoiding injury is crucial.

In our second instalment of Pro Tip, we caught up with trainer Mark Caron of Focus Athletics that trains professional and national team athletes in sports ranging from basketball, soccer, and volleyball to find out how we can stay on the court:


What is the first thing a recreational athlete should do when he/she gets to the court/field?

  • Warm up will be the simplest way to say it but there is proper way of doing it. It’s called Movement Preparation. It includes:
  • Glute Activation
  • Dynamic Stretches (stretches that are held for 2-3 secs repeated)
  • Movement Integration (high knees, carioca, skips etc)
  • Rapid Response (short sprints, short burst of quick feet and change of direction)

Dynamic or Static Stretching?

Both. We use Static stretching for pillar preparation (rolling, stretching, activation) which targets tight areas before doing movement preparation which uses dynamic stretches.

What’s your recommendation for cool down after the game? 

Just do quick foam roll and stretch of the parts that you used and that’s it. You will do that anyway in the beginning of your workout again the following day.

What have you found is best for recovery?

Sleep 7-8 hours a day before 10pm is the best recovery strategy that I know so far not ice bath, cryo, massage, etc.

What’s a secret tip you can share for maintaining your fitness to optimize performance on and off the court?

Sleep properly, eat clean, and workout as much as you can.

How about in the offseason? What should I do?

You should get as much time off from training especially your sport. You can do other recreational stuff and do fitness training but as much as possible lessen the activity so that your body can recover physically and mentally.

Any last words of wisdom for the weekend warrior?

If you feel any discomfort or pain stop and seek a professional for answers and help not the Internet! If you want to do some training seek a professional also.


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