Explosiveness is one of the most sought after aspect of any athlete’s performance. Power by definition is force done over a certain period of time.  So it means that an athlete should work on 2 things, which is strength and speed. The good thing about it is it can be attained through well-developed training program. Programming will include strength development especially for the lower body so that you can put more force on the ground and speed development to put that force on the ground as quickly as possible.

Strength development should focus on the lower extremity with some upper body integration. Also, it should focus on single leg strength as well as mobility and stability. Doing exercises that put the body in single leg support does this.  Focusing on single leg strength also decreases the risk of athlete getting injured during high-speed movements. By doing this type of exercises gets you more bang for you buck because you’re improving your performance and decreasing the risk of injury.

Speed development on the other tackles both linear and multidirectional speed component. Linear speed focuses on acceleration and absolute speed while multidirectional speed focuses on change of direction and transitional movement. These drills make you quicker in the field or on the court.

Here are some drills that you can do.

Squat Jump

  • Get a weight (Kettlebell or Dumbbell) that is not too heavy.
  • Hold the weight between your legs with arms relax and hanging.
  • Quickly go down and jump as high as you can.
  • Land in base position by squatting down.
  • Do 8 reps by 2 sets.


Dumbbell Push Press

  • Get a weight (Kettlebell or Dumbbell) that is heavy.
  • Stand with feet shoulder with apart.
  • Hold the weight above your shoulder.
  • Quickly go down and explode up while pushing the dumbbell up.
  • Lower down the dumbbell and reset to starting position.
  • Do 8 reps by 2 sets.


Sled Acceleration Run

  • Get a sled and load it with plates equal to 50% of your body weight first (you can progress by adding more weight).
  • Hold the sled and start in a leaning position same as when you are accelerating.
  • Push the sled as fast as you can while keeping the lean position.
  • Focus on driving your legs forcefully to the ground.
  • Do 6-10 reps over 15-20 yards with 1-2 minutes breaks in between.


Resisted High Knee Run

  • Get a bungee cord (SKLZ Recoil 360) or any heavy elastic band with a partner if you don’t hand a bungee cord.
  • Strap it on your waist.
  • Do a high knee run focusing on the volume of the high knees rather moving forward.
  • Do 6-10 reps of 2 sets over 5-10 yards.


Resisted Jumps

  • Get a bungee cord (SKLZ Recoil 360) or any heavy elastic band with a partner if you don’t hand a bungee cord.
  • Strap it on your waist.
  • Do a jump by quickly dropping down and jumping upward swinging your arms up.
  • Do 6-10 reps of 2 sets over 5-10 yards.
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