Ball Don’t Lie. Neither Do Numbers.

Let’s face it, talking trash off the court is pure joy.  When you have the stats to back it up, it makes it that much more satisfying.  Even better, having proof of your “buddy’s” terrible stats to shut him up.

StatSports League has full career statistics of every game of every season. Now you can see your career progression and where you or your favorite player stacks up in the pantheon of all-time StatSports League players.

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StatSports League All-Time Player Per Game Averages

StatSports League All-Time Player Career Totals

StatSports League All-Time Double Doubles

StatSports League All-Time Triple Doubles

So go ahead, look yourself up.  Or drill down on your opponents’ historical statistics. And talk some trash. Just back it up when you are the court this coming season.

After five seasons, 25,305 total league wide points scored, 4,457 assists, 16,739 rebounds, 1,097 blocks, 7,908 turnovers, 5,336 fouls, here are some historical StatSports League statistical highlights :


Dan the Stilt

Dan Eves‘ stat racking performances are stuff of legends by now in Kuala Lumpur – to see it on paper is even more impressive. Dan holds the record for total career points (542), rebounds (280 – almost 80 more than next on the list, teammate Shoghi Gan).  He is also second in all time 3 pointers made and third all time in blocks.  What makes this all even more impressive? He’s only played in 13 games (3 seasons)

Defensive Stoppers

Shoghi Gan is the league’s all time leader in blocks with 76. That’s more than twice as many as the next on the list!

Rowan Pearce meanwhile has the most steals (82) – 2o more than the next highest pickpocket!

Westbrook Sighting

Only 3 Triple Doubles have been recorded ever in SSL history: Doug Nehm, Tean Shen Zen, Wong Jing Soon

Dime a Dozen

Defending champion, World Century Marketing, is known for their high scoring and big blowout games so it’s no surprise that SSL’s all-time assist man is their point guard Addy Tung (98).  The next two players on the list are from rivals and two-time champion KL Rhinos, Rowan Pearce & Ahmed Dalibi.  Goes to show playmakers make for championship teams.

Jason Curry

Jason Lau has the most 3 point FGM with 37 total – almost 2.5 three pointers a game on 38.5% shooting. He barely edges out Dan Eves who shoots a sizzling 40% from behind the arc. Addy rounds out the top 3 with a respectable 36% average.


StatSports League Season 6 tips off March 26, 2017 at IGB International School.

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