We continue with Week 3 of ASEAN Top Baller 2017 Winner, Adrian Nonis’ all immersive basketball development at Global Squad. Here are Part 1 and Part 2 in case you missed it.

It is not every day that a young man gets to dedicate a full month to his dream of pursuing basketball excellence. Adrian Nonis of Penang was chosen as the ASEAN Top Baller Award winner this past spring and given sponsored entry for the summer of a lifetime to attend Global Squad 2017.  If you haven’t heard, Global Squad, founded by John Alexander, brings high school talent from around the globe together for a month of intense professional level basketball development. This includes multiple daily skills training sessions, team practices, strength and conditioning, film study, and basketball theory for a full month as well as participation in NCAA accredited tournaments. Global Squad provides guys like Adrian the opportunity to improve their game, chances for college scholarships abroad and perhaps the chance for professional basketball success. The exposure and dedication of time alone aims to build not just great basketball players but confident and disciplined people for society.  What follows is Adrian’s first hand account of the first week of his Global Squad journey. 

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Day 15 — 15th July


I arrived at today’s tournament with energy, ready to redeem myself after yesterday’s poor performance; but what confidence initially present was quickly vanquished at the sight of people dunking everywhere. Players who were almost two heads taller than me surrounded me in all directions. Kids who were my age were throwing alley-oop dunks, and slamming it in in all different ways… It was a scene I had never seen before, and it was all too intimidating.


Nevertheless, I played my game. After all, dunking is only two points. At least that’s what I began to tell myself.


Our first game was against a team called IMG… I’m not going to say much except that we were up 15 points this game with only 2 minutes left, and they ended up winning on a buzzer beater… (55-57)


Turnovers… Turnovers… Turnovers… That and a whole lack of effort.


The second game we played, we lost by a significant amount; however, it ended up being my best game so far. To make things better for me, one of my top options for university was watching, making a good impression for me.


Ultimately, though, we lost and that still stinks.

Day 16 — 16th July


Today was basically a continuation of yesterday, playing two games as well. We played two tough making it a tight game, but unfortunately was not able to pull through.


Day 17 — 17th July


I figured that mondays are actually one of the lightest days of practice because of the tournaments we play the weekend before. Mondays act as a recovery day where we do stretching and a reasonable amount of work.


Today, however, followed an unconventional routine due to the lack of trainers. Because the red teams have tournaments during the weekdays, trainers have to follow them there. In turn, today’s training had different coaches.

Day 18 — 18th July


Today’s morning session proved as one of the hardest all week. Excluding the first week which I count as an adjusting week, today’s leaves my palms covered with cuts and my thighs and arms sore.


Weight training required us to do all sorts of lifting, but the most intense, in my opinion, was an exercise known as the “farmers walk,” requiring us to lift heavy weights across the entire track field and back.


Our team coach, coach Ford, was absent today due to working matters he had in New York; therefore we practiced with team Denmark today. Their training was extremely intense with a lot of running. Unlike our practice which usually involves more offensive training, Denmark primarily focusses on defense — something I think we could greatly benefit from.


Day 19 — 19th July


Much like yesterday, morning stations were intense with different coaches once more.


Team practice with Denmark, unlike the day before, moved much smoothly with much less running mainly because we listened to directions, minimizing room for error.


Denmark’s coaches, coach Breslin and coach Scott, have completely no tolerance for walking. If given an instruction, we are expected to sprint to the location. Any caught walking and the whole team is required to run. Energy proved as another major factor that team Denmark required… Fall short of their standards and we’re running.


Evening sessions was also done with team Denmark as we went through different situations together.


Day 20 — 20th July


Today was a good day as morning sessions was kept at a minimal.


Coach Ford also returned today, and instead of our usual afternoon team practice, coach Ford brought us to another town to watch the Red Dragons championship game.


Today barely involved any training to ready ourselves for the biggest tournament of the month — Spooky Nook — tomorrow.


Day 21 — 21th July


We only had one game today at 7 in the evening; therefore today involved mostly relaxing.


My day started later than usual, beginning at 9. We eat breakfast at McDonalds every weekend I think mainly because of the varied eating schedules of different teams due to the tournaments.


Anyways, the game was played was well fought as we played tough defense. We trailed very closely in the first half, consistently following with only 2-4 points. We unfortunately ended up giving in during the second half, though, as we still played tough defense but failed to score.


Our team thrives of jump shots and three pointers, too small to penetrate and finish at the rim consistently. That being said, our main source of points come from our offensive fire power. Defense, on the other hand, relies greatly in the difference in size… Not much we can do about that. So our offensive strategy for most games: Out score the other team and try to get a stop each time on defense.
The downside of this, however, proves as our inconsistency of our shots. It’s hard to win games if we have a bad shooting day.


Overall, we played tough and grealty improved
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