Keeping a team together whether professionally, club, amateur or just for fun becomes difficult when life gets in the way. Some teams manage to figure it out and fly under the same crest year in and year out across leagues and tournaments. In this series we take a look at some of those teams. 
Captain Mike Ramos talks about Team AirAsia Allstars…
Team name: AirAsia Allstars
Team captain: Mike Ramos
Seasons in SSL : 4
Team origins: 
Our team is composed of different nationalities. We have Filipinos, Malaysians, Canadian, Indian and Chinese. We all started to get to know each other after joining some internal tournaments set by our company. From there, we decided to form a team and join a competitive tournament such as SSL.
Why we play : We play for one reason, and one reason only. And that reason is to WIN. We all have the same mentality that we want to win for the glory of our company.
Style of play : We’re a run and gun type of team. We have players who can spread the floor well on the fast break, players who can play physical in the painted area, as well as players who can shoot the lights out from the outside.
What are your expectations for SSL season 7?
SSL season 6 was a disaster for us. We only won 1 game. And its all because of attendance issues. However, this coming season we’ve all already fixed our schedules so we can all be complete every game. We have a good team. All it takes is for atleast most of us to be present every game. We’re expecting to make it to the playoffs this coming season.
How is your team preparing?
We have training sessions in EPSOM college in Nilai whenever everyone is free. We also play pick up games against teams from INTI college, Filipino teams from Cyberjaya and Chinese teams from Nilai. We try our best to play atleast once or twice a week as a team just so that we can all stay in good shape in time for the next season to start.

SSL 6 Team Statistics

The AirAsia AllStars have been a staple in StatSports League for the past four seasons accumulating an 8-12 (0.400) overall regular season record.
Season 3 (3-2) *playoffs berth
Season 4 (2-3)
Season 5 (2-3)
Season 6 (1-4)
Mike Ramos and Richard Morales were both in the top 5 in points per game in SSL6. They have had a couple StatSports League All-Star selections over the past four seasons.  Mike Ramos is second all time in StatSports League history in total points scored (419) and points per game (34.3).
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