Keeping a team together whether professionally, club, amateur or just for fun becomes difficult when life gets in the way. Some teams manage to figure it out and fly under the same crest year in and year out across leagues and tournaments. In this series we take a look at some of those teams.

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Since their inception in 2014, UFour has gone leaps and bounds from when they first started. Going from losing almost every group stage matches to winning several championships and even placing second in SSL 6 Black Division (still puts a bitter taste in their mouths). With additions of no-name players who most of which grew up in USJ 4 (hence the name UFour), Subang Jaya and Kota Kemuning, they have developed into a hard-nosed team to be reckoned with.

UFour isn’t a team full of all stars or state/national players, and some never even played for their high schools. This is what makes UFour such a special bunch. They’re your regular Joe’s, working their regular jobs, who love the heck out of the game of basketball and ball their hearts out whenever they possibly can.

That said, the team would not be what it is today without the hardwork and dedication of their players. Taking time of their busy schedules to fine tune their game. Under the tutelage of their captain-coach-player, UFour is constantly improving as individuals and as a team. The team’s offense is based on the triangle offense that brought multiple NBA championships to the Chicago Bulls of the 90’s and 2000s LA Lakers. Despite having some success with the offense, the team is still learning the ins and outs of the offense, constantly tightening every loose nut and bolt to ensure a smooth flowing offense.

On the defensive end, UFour adopts a strict no middle policy, forcing offenses to drive baseline where the helpside is always lurking. And it’s on the defensive end where this team really excels at. Having equally sized players who can defend multiple positions gives the team a huge advantage when it comes to defending man to man. However, a down side to their defense is their size, having only one true big man, UFour struggles mightyly against teams with bigger, taller players.

Having placed second in SSL 6, UFour is no doubt looking to come back strong in SSL 7 with a championship mindset. No doubt the lost still haunts them till this day, but with that in the back of their minds, it adds fuel to their already brightly lit flame.


With only one regular season loss in two seasons, UFour has a staggering 0.900 record yet were alluded a championship to finish an almost perfect SSL6 campaign.  Johan mounted an impressive comeback in one of the most entertaining finals in SSL history.

SSL 6: (5-0) Lost to Johan in Finals

SSL 6: (4-1) Lost to Delta Dynamic in Quarter Finals

Statistically, UFour is one of the consistently highest scoring teams especially with the addition of Loo Jen Ning last season.  Captain Moo Voon Hoe is a staple on the AllStar list and along with other players like Jen Ning, Shawn Ooi and Isaac Goh, either first entered or have spent time on SSL Free Agent teams

UFour always plays hard and their athleticism & camaraderie make them a treat to watch. They are also not camera shy:

Ufour up by 19 at the half over Phat Mambas #beawesome #playoffs

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And had their own posse of supporters & fans:

UFour pride! #beawesome #whoyougot #support #basketball #statsportsleague

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