Here’s a look at the jerseys of StatSports League Season 6.  What better way to do that than a good ol’ power ranking.  Some were off the rack, some were custom designed from the bottom up.  I am not a designer, a fashionista, or a sneakerhead so take this with a grain of salt and let me know if you disagree.

#18 G-Fence

Didn’t really give much to shout about much like the nameless fronts of the jerseys.  Something about the red collar design on the all white threw me off.  May have been a default jersey from another tournament. Meh, you’ll get em next time guys.

Good try, round of applause.


17) Aerobulls

To be fair, I am old school and I don’t even get the the trend of neon shoes let alone neon jerseys. There is a lot going on with the the typeface of the numbers and the team and player names.  And I really don’t get black + neon green.

It’s not you. It’s me. I don’t get neon.

16) UFour

I’m a fan of the clean and basic off the rack look. “UFour” nice and big across the chest in some badass font would have been cool.  Maybe I expected their jerseys to match their uptempo play. It’s kind of like putting LaMelo, Giannis, or Birdman in a Spurs uniform.

No team loved the camera more



#15 & #14  Black Knights & Phat Mambas

These next two are kinda interchangeable.  Same jerseys, different print. It’s like showing up to a party in the same dress. Phat Mambas slightly edge out the Black Knights because of the logo infused team name across the chest. Although shouldn’t the “A” be the other way around, or maybe it’s supposed to be PhYt Mambas…

“Oh no, you di’nt”

13) Bandwagon

Literally, the same jerseys as the previous two but those colors and that font – oooooooh yeah. Me like.  Basic betches.

Best dressed free agents

12) World Century Marketing

The team’s dominance were the only reason these jerseys look good.  I don’t mind red and even the funky shoulder pad designs, but the paragraph on the front in baby blue font maybe needs to be reevaluated. C’mon guys, let’s make the sponsors look good here. Oh, and comic sans on the back is amazing – not even mad about that.

Need some better glasses to read that

11) Admiral

These jerseys were actually pretty dope. I like the color combos and the smooth cursive Admiral on the front. I’d wear that jersey. My issue was with the shorts.  That side flare stripe thing kinda made it look everyone had their shorts on slanted.

Aye, aye Admiral

#10 Thunder

These kiiiindaaa look like practice jerseys. And you know what, I love it. Especially the black on black. Doesn’t look so badass when they go reversible but hey, it is what it is.  Again, I’m a sucker for that clean look. These jerseys are all business, just like the Thunder.

Business casual

#9 KL Rhinos

OK, I’m starting to get the neon and black combo with these guys. Still don’t think it was the best choice but man that logo. It’s been a staple since the first SSL season and it looks better every season (save for the season where they were known as the Meatballerz).  I would love to see the same design in a different colorway.

That logo tho

#8 Dragons Academy

It’s like Spiderman and Carnage mashup almost. I don’t think the design on the side is actually a spiderweb though.  The smaller lapel logo works here.

Guys don’t worry, we look good.

#7 Youngbloods

Like I said, I like the clean basic practice jersey look.  The printing looked especially good on these jerseys too.  The logo kinda of looked like it was drawn by pen on a napkin but it works.  Especially if they evolve it further and this ends up being their retro jersey.

We Talkin’ Bout Practice jerseys

#6 Johan

Sleeve jerseys?? The same LeBron ripping tshirts that NBA players hated so much when first came out. You guys voluntarily chose this? I. LOVE. IT. The color, the logo, originality.  I don’t get the shorts though and why they kinda but don’t really match the jerseys. Other than, this could have cracked the top 5.

LeBron Sleeves

#5 Farmcochem

These guys got that classic look just right.  Makes sense with it being a Li Ning jersey.  The sponsor names were done great, the color combos were great. The blue colorway was just right too.

“I know.. I look gooood”

#4 Jr Kriegers

These guys busted out these jerseys a couple seasons ago and definitely turned heads.  You weren’t sure if they were about to ball or bust a bunker Navy Seals style.  There is A LOT going on with it but it was definitely done by someone who knew what they were doing. Team name looks bad ass. Jersey numbers and team on the shorts. Badass overall.

“Seal team go go go!”

#3 AirAsia All-Stars

Maaan, I love these jerseys. So simple, so sleek.  That branding.  The AllStars crest on the shorts. I don’t even know what to say. *clap*

So fresh and so clean, clean

#2 Wing Hin Autohaus KL Griffin

I take it back. I love THESE jerseys. So classic with a twist of flavor putting the team name under the jersey number. And that Volkswagen logo offcenter – das awesome.  The blue colorways look just as good. They had those matching tees too.  Plus David Pagbe wearing 2 sizes too big was the best.  I’ve got to figure out a way to get me one of these.


#1 KL Twin Towers

Guys, c’mon. They basically had two different sets of jerseys and both were reversible. They repped “Kuala Lumpur” while the roster was made of almost all Japanese guys. The twin towers up the side of the shorts. They even look cool when they weren’t in jerseys.  OK, it’s not the clean classic look – but it’s 2017 guys, trying hard is cool again.  So maybe my whole list is wrong..

Your SSL6 Jerseys Winner

Honorable mention: SSL alternate jerseys

They are clean every week, so that’s always nice.

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