WEEK 3 Power Rankings

Three weeks in, the playoff race is fully underway.  For some, their hopes of the postseason have been extinguished while for others there remains a glimmer of hope. Only three teams remain undefeated (Red BaronJR KriegersSaemsports Titans) and all three seem to be gaining momentum.

P.M.J jumped up to round up the top 4 after defeating a surging Sunesia team and showing that they belong in the conversation. HPMT Stallions meanwhile drop after a defeat to intragroup rivals the Knights who themselves bounced back from a week 2 loss and welcomed the return of big man Chan Kek Thai. That said, every team from 4-10 currently could conceivably end the season in the top 4, though with groupings in play it would end up in favor of the Knights.

Ex UM came up with a nice bounce back against Ufour and a pivotal head to head win. Both the AirAsia AllStars win over Proteger and Budwagon defeat over Jaegers could have major playoff implications as the 1-2 teams fight for the final playoff positions in their groups.  PHD finally got one in the win column as well after a tough schedule against two of the more impressive teams in the league Man At Arms and Red Baron.

If the playoffs were to start today, I would say the most dangerous teams to look out for besides the favorites in Red Baron and JR Kriegers would be : SaemSports Titans, Man At Arms, Ex-UM and Knights.  All are well built teams with balance and though Man At Arms lack the size they make it up for it with speed, shooting and playmaking at every position.

Big Gainers

P.M.J (1-1) +4 spots and looking like their old selves.

Big Drops

Monstars (0-3) -5 spots after walkover in Week3

KL Twin Towers (0-3) who have drawn what may be the toughest schedule in the league can’t catch a break


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