Team name :  Monstars
Team captain/coach :Ike
Team origins : Season 1. Most of us have played together in Twin Tower Fitness Centre Bball Runs and SATUM (Saturday mornings @ University Malaya) so its a bunch of guy, young and old just want to ball
Why we play :Like any other baller. we just love the game. Basketball is part of our daily routine and our own culture. TTFC runs are usually the guys who work in Petronas. or friends from college days. We just laugh. make fun of each others mistakes but also ball out whenever we can. SATUM guys have been together since forever. even if we go at it full pedal to the metal, we’ll square it off with oxtail soup at Amjal after..

Style of play : Definite mix. we have players with various level of experiences so that’ll bring an eclectic mix to the team, or total disaster.

What are your expectations for SSL season 8? : have fun. take one game at a time. get in experience for the young ones. get into wildcard. avoid red baron. learn. be tough. ball out.

How is your team preparing? : we haven’t practiced yet! 🤣


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