WEEK 4 Power Rankings

The playoff hunt is in full swing! Only 1 game remains in the regular season and the playoff participants are still yet to be fully set.  Here is a look at the standings before we get into the Power Rankings:

Red Baron sits firmly atop Group A with blistering point differential (SA) unsurprisingly.  Man At Arms take on Smart Returns in the final week to solidify second seed in the group.

An interesting finish in Group B see the evenly matched Knights and HPMT Stallions leaving the door open for AVA who theoretically could vault to the top spot with a win against the Knights and a Stallions loss to Proteger – assuming the threeway tie breaker on point differential works in their favor. *StatSports League uses win loss record to determine league able standings and playoff seeding. In the event of a tie, head to head then point difference will determine position. If that also is the same, points scored then points allowed will be used.  However, in the event of a threeway or even fourway tie, point differential (SA in table above) will be used to rank the teams.

Group C gets interesting …JR Kriegers in wanting to secure the top see could conceivably knock Ufour out of the playoff picture when they match up in the final week.  A UFour loss and a KL Twin Towers victory brings the latter from out of the ashes into the playoff race.  However, a UFour win and EX UM victory would knock JR Kriegers down to 2nd place in the group.  The fate of UFour and KL Twin Towers rest, at least in part, in the hands of the Monstars in their final game against the KL Twin Towers.

Saemsports Titans have put together an impressive run and can finish their SSL debut with an undefeated season and top spot in the group in the final week.  What is not so certain are the remaining spots as we could hypothetically see a four-way tie by record between the remaining teams – in which case the point differential will determine who will move on and take the two wildcard spots. Which means both Budwagon and Jaegers have an outside sliver of hope to still qualify for the playoffs.  It’s all up for grabs going into the final week of the season!

Meanwhile in the individual statistical leader race, Abdoulaye Sow has been making a strong case for himself for MVP (2nd in scoring, 1st rebounds, blocks) though Daniel Eves has his own plans for that:

*4 game played minimum to qualify for statistical winner

The Power Rankings have started to sort themselves out as we get the playoff picture set, win-loss percentages clear, and point differential. But in some instances (JR Kriegers #2 vs SaemSports Titans #3) strength of schedule was factored even though their records would indicate otherwise.  Similarly, so for those with the same record but a worse point differential earn the spot they have this week because of big wins (KL Twin Towers), big losses (Sunesia), or walkovers.  Without further ado… Week 4 Power Rankings…

Big Gainers

KL Twin Towers (1-3) scored a huge win against intragroup rivals UFour jumps them way up and potentially could steal a playoff spot in the final week.

EX UMKnightsHPMT Stallions and Smart Returns got big wins to position themselves well going into the last week of the regular season.

Big Drops

P.M.J (2-2) got beat down in a SSL7 finals rematch against HPMT Stallions in Week 3

Ufour (2-2) put themselves into a precarious position and have the tall task of defeating JR Kriegers to keep alive




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